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The PikeCast: A Book Club Podcast On Christopher Pike

Sep 30, 2021

The PikeCast wraps up Sequel September with a sequel to one of his Christopher Pike's earliest books, 1992's Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil, which takes a simple revenge story/I Know What You Did Last Summer rip-off and adds, well, an Ancient Evil. In the spirit of sequel September we're again joined by a returning...

Sep 16, 2021

Joe Lipsett, The PikeCast's first guest from way back in episode one, returns to discuss another return, that of Christopher Pike's Last Vampire Alisa Perne / Sita. The ‘Cast is thrilled that this sequel provides a far better follow-up than the last episode, and continues Sequel September in style.

Sep 2, 2021

The PikeCast is thrilled to welcome back author of The Final Girl Support Group, My Best Friend's Exorcism, and Paperbacks from Hell, Grady Hendrix to discuss our first book for Sequel September, Christopher Pike's 1994 book Remember Me 2: The Return, a bizarre rehash of the plot of the first book laden with a...